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Why Us

At Enact Music, students musical preferences are very important

Students always select what music they want to learn (in accordance to their skill level).

With us, music is never imposed. Rather, teachers play a variety of pieces for students to listen and decide what they would like to learn.

Our students are provided with regular performance opportunities

Because performance is an integral aspect of learning to play a musical instrument, through which confidence, musical and communication are developed we offer two concerts (usually in December and May). 

Students can prepare for graded exams in instruments and music theory

After an initial assessment is made on student’s willingness and readiness to engage in exam preparation, selection is made about what exam board requirements are more appropriate for the student having into account: student’s identification with the musical repertoire and technical

requirements of each board.

Our students are fully engaged in the wider musical community locally and regionally, through music performance

Enact Music students are fully engaged in local music festivals and competitions, such as the Holywood Music Festival, the competitions of European Piano Teachers Association, the Belfast Music Festival and the Lagan Festival. Click here to see and listen to some of our students who have received awards at these competitions.

We provide teaching and learning continuity

We aim to keep the same teacher with the same students as much as possible. In cases where this is not possible (i.e. teacher relocation to another geographical location) continuity is maintained through our detailed teachers’ teaching records which provide information on student’s learning styles, musical preferences and development trajectory overtime. This way, a new teacher is able to continue the student learning journey from where the student is.

Parents are welcome to join the lessons, whenever they wish to do so

By joining the lesson you will be able to:

  • Monitor your child’s progress
  • Know in depth the type of work and practice requirements
  • Be in direct contact with your teacher on a weekly basis
  • This is in contrast to tuition provided in schools or music schools where often parents are left few or no information on the above elements and thus, are unable to support child’s progress overtime.

Feedback on progress is given on a regular basis to students and their parents

Teachers provide feedback to students on spot during the lesson and every time they see parents. They will also fill in a Practice Record Chart which will provide parents with more information on a weekly basis about the ongoing work. At the end of each lesson teachers will in also in general give you short comments on the lesson.

Our teachers are high level skilled musicians educated in music and instrumental music to University level

In stark contrast to many local companies who employ tutors and teachers who have achieved grade 5 or even less than grade 5 in music theory or instrument, Enact Music only employs teachers who have achieved at least grade 8 in their specialist instrument and are undertaking or have completed a music course at University level. Although grade 5 is a good achievement from a student point of view, it is certainly not enough to become an efficient teacher. In today’s world, no one would accept that someone spending 5 years at school could be ready to teach English or Maths. The employment of unprepared and unskilled teachers for music teaching jobs is highly accountable for students' loss of motivation, lack of confidence and creation of unhelpful performance and practice habits that are difficult to overcome at later stages.

Our teachers have excellent musical, pedagogical knowledge, personality profile and communication skills

Teachers at Enact Music are selected through a rigorous selection process to ascertain level of musical knowledge, personality profile and communication skills for efficiently engaging in a teaching profession which requires teaching children of various ages (from 3 years old onwards) and adults. Only individuals who pass the selection process are invited to become members of staff and undertake the pedagogical training we offer.

All our teachers have pedagogical training, provided by Enact Music

It is not enough to be a good performer to be a good teacher. At Enact Music, teachers who become members of staff undertake a rigorous training programme and only after successful completion of this training (which is free of any economic costs for teachers) they are allowed to teach.

Our teaching practice is based on the latest insights from research in music psychology and education

This way we guide and support student’s development in positive and proactive ways using scientific knowledge scientifically proven to have worked well in similar situations.

As teachers we are constantly engaged in learning and we work as a team

We have regular meetings where we share teaching experiences that inform our day-to-day teaching. We are constantly learning and totally engaged in developing, supporting and nurturing our students’ musical potential. We operate a policy of transparency of communication between teachers and between teachers, students and families.

All teachers and staff at Enact Music are NI checked