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About Us

Enact Music (based in Belfast, Northern Ireland) was founded in April 2015 and It is now a thriving community of talented people of all ages, levels and abilities, who are passionate about making music and self-confident about developing their musical potential. 

At Enact Music we:

  • Place you at the heart of the learning process
  • Assess your individual needs of development
  • Work together with you and your family to develop motivation and an excellent learning environment
  • Develop your confidence in music making, learning and performing in progressive and supportive ways
  • Guide and support you in your journey of becoming a musician, whether or not you intend to pursue music at a professional level
  • Create positive and rewarding learning experiences
  • Transform our teaching to suit 21st century music learners
  • Develop a music educational teaching culture that is informed by latest research in music psychology and education
  • Seek professional recognition and accreditation in music teaching professions