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Music Class

Music Lessons

What Instrument lessons do we offer?

Looking to learn piano, guitar, singing, violin and other instruments? We offer beginner to advanced level classes, as well as exam preparations on a wide variety of instruments, including:

  • Piano lessons              

  • Singing lessons

  • Guitar lessons          

  • Violin lessons   

  • Viola lessons   

  • Cello lessons   

  • Flute lessons                

  • Clarinet lessons       

  • Drum lessons   

  • Brass instruments lessons   

How will Enact Music Support you?

Whether you want to learn to sing or play an instrument for fun or follow an examination route, at Enact Music, your teacher will support you:

  • Develop your creativity and musical potential to enable you to express yourself musically and produce high-quality sound.

  • Gain the conceptual knowledge foundations to understand the musical material your are learning.

  • Understand how to effectively use your body to play your chosen musical instrument using a comfortable and healthy technique.

  • You will learn to play a variety of styles and genres, including classical, Folk, Blues, Jazz and pop, with a particular focus on your musical preferences.


Interested in exams?

We offer beginner to Diploma standard lessons to people of all ages, levels and abilities, whether you wish to learn for fun or follow an examination approach to assess your progress. We work with all UK based examination boards, such as the ABRSM, Trinity College London, LCM, MTB and Rock School.

How to apply?

To apply and avail from our Free Trial Lesson Package, fill out the application form below.

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions differ depending on the learning settings (online, lessons at our teaching studio, lessons given at the student's house). Please read the terms and conditions below relevant to you before applying by clicking the buttons below.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch if you have any questions so that we can start working together.

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