Why Choose
Enact Music?

At Enact Music, student's musical preferences are very important

No matter what musical instrument you have chosen to learn, be it piano, guitar, violin, singing, flute, brass instruments or others, your musical preferences are very important to us. At Enact Music students always select what music they want to learn (according to their skill level). With us, music is never imposed. Instead, teachers play a variety of pieces for students to listen to and decide what they would like to learn.

Our students perform regularly

Because performance is an integral aspect of learning to play a musical instrument, where confidence, musicality, and communication are developed, we invite students to participate in musical competitions and perform in online and in-person concerts. The concerts contain a variety of instrumental musical performances, including singing, piano, guitar, violin, flute and other instruments, where students perform individually and in groups too, performing duets, trios and other ensemble playing combinations. 

Students can prepare for graded exams in instruments and music theory

After an initial assessment of the student's willingness and readiness to engage in exam preparation, we consider the most appropriate exam board requirements for the student taking into account: the student's identification with the musical repertoire and technical requirements of each board.

Our Teachers are educated in Music and Instrumental Music to University level

In stark contrast to many local companies who employ tutors and teachers who have achieved grade 5 or even less than grade 5 in music theory or instrument, Enact music only employs teachers who have achieved at least grade 8 in their specialist instrument and are undertaking or have completed a music course at University level. The employment of unprepared and unskilled teachers for music teaching jobs is highly accountable for students' loss of motivation, lack of confidence and unhelpful performance and practice habits that are difficultly overcome.

All our teachers have pedagogical training provided by Enact Music and are NI checked

It is not enough to be an excellent performer to be a good teacher. At Enact Music, teachers who become staff members undertake a rigorous training programme.