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I teach Flute

My Story

Ever since age 11, when I first joined the school concert band where I grew up in Indiana,USA,

I have loved playing the flute and performing for friends and family. I have Grade 8 in Flute (TCL) and Grade 6 in Piano (ABRSM) and am currently working towards both a flute performance diploma (ATCL) and Grade 7 (ABRSM) in Piano. I also have a Grade 4 in Traditional Irish Flute (LCM).

I am currently enrolled in both the Certificate for Music Education (CME) programme

(a collaboration between ABRSM and Enact Music) and the “Music Minus Pain Transformational Teacher Training Program” for music educators, facilitated by Dr Lea Pearson, in Massachusetts, USA.

My teaching qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Teaching German from Indiana University, USA (M.A.T., 2000); and a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Cambridge CELTA, 2014).

In 2020, I completed a 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course with Santosha Yoga Studio in Lisburn. My training and personal practice of yoga, combined with my interest in the Alexander Technique and Body Mapping for musicians, have all increased my awareness of the importance of breathing and healthy movement habits in order to minimise the risk of discomfort, pain or injury caused by playing a musical instrument.

I have enjoyed playing principal flute with the Playing for Pleasure Community Orchestra in Belfast since 2013. I am also an enthusiastic member of two local community singing groups in Belfast: The Feile Women’s Singing Group and Rock Choir NI.

Since 2020, I have been studying the flute privately with Karen Moratz, principal flutist of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Artist in Residence at Butler University Jordan College of the Arts and author of “Flute for Dummies”.

I believe in the power of music to expand our minds and enrich our lives with joy. Learning to play an instrument like the flute helps children and adults develop better self-esteem and important skills that translate into positive coping techniques for everyday challenges. I hope to help my students enjoy the physical, social and emotional benefits of learning to play the flute.

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