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I am a Tenor Horn, Saxophone, Brass instruments, Flute, Piano, Guitar and Ukulele Teacher

My Story

I recently graduated with first-class honors in music from Ulster University, and my musical journey has been enriched by my primary instrument, the tenor horn. This experience has deepened my affection for all brass instruments, with a particular fondness for the saxophone.

As a dedicated member of the First Old Boys brass band, I've had the privilege of learning directly from accomplished conductors. These invaluable experiences have taught me how to achieve optimal results while fostering a genuine sense of enjoyment in the learning process. Additionally, I have expanded my musical horizons by exploring other instruments, including piano, trombone (self-taught), guitar, ukulele, and saxophone.

My passion for music has been a lifelong journey, igniting at a young age. Witnessing my own confidence flourish over the years has inspired me to share the profound joy and personal fulfillment that music brings with my students.

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