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I teach Violin

My Story

I have been playing the violin since I was 8 years of age, obtaining my Grade 8 (ABRSM), in addition to an abundance of experience in Irish traditional (fiddle) playing. I have also spent the last year studying the insights, techniques and application required to become proficient in jazz style playing, in a bid to communicate this to my own students.


Having obtained my Bachelors of honours in Music (University of Ulster, Magee campus 2012-2016), I have taken my collective knowledge and playing experience and spent the last eight years teaching students (of all age ranges). My students have consistently been successful in obtaining their own ABRSM (violin) qualifications with my guidance and direction. 


It's important to mention, my career has also included a lengthy tenure in a corporate role (PwC) as a Senior Associate, which has further added to my teaching and communication skills. Throughout my time in PwC, I have used my creative and collaborative skills, to bi-anually design and facilitate 'L'Origami' workshops (these workshops were designed for a group of individuals to be guided through a tutorial of the selected design in addition to the backgrounds and benefits of the artform). These workshops proved to be extremely popular with our selected charity partner, resulting in the frequency of workshops mentioned above. 


Throughout my tenure in PwC, I also used the network to facilitate and lead the 'PwC Traditional Group', a collaborative of individuals across the company (Belfast based), to meet weekly and select a repertoire of 'tunes' to work on together. The group has continually gone from strength to strength, performing in house at corporate events, carol services and our latest success involving 'Hearth' in Ballyhackamore. This success has been ongoing for 6 months, led by a colleague of my own, we have collaborated each Thursday evening running a session, cultivating an environment where attendees feel welcome, included and considered. 


I believe that my collective experience across a range of genres, in addition to my thoughtful and warm communication style, makes me an approachable and encouraging teacher and communicator. 


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