From September 2021

  • Teaching can only occur at your house if you have a well-ventilated common area dedicated to teaching, where it is possible to consistently implement social distancing of at least one meter between the teacher and student and any other people in the house. Our teachers will report to us on these conditions, and if this and the other requirements stated in this agreement are not met, your lessons will be provided online until you can fully meet these conditions.

  • Parents must sign a written agreement with the terms and conditions stated below. They wilfully oblige to Enact Music's Covid 19 safety protocol for the lessons in their house. Parents must discuss the content of this agreement with their children at home so that they are fully aware of the protocol and expectations. Only after all parties receive the signed agreement can the lessons go ahead.

  • Suppose your child or someone in your household and bubble has been in contact with a person recently diagnosed with Covid 19. In that case, you must inform Enact Music straight away. 

  • Any teachers and students who show signs of COVID-19 symptoms must not attend an in-person lesson. In such cases, they must contact Enact Music Administrator as soon as possible.

Preparation for each lesson
  • In preparation for each lesson, check your child/children's temperature. If the temperature is equal to or above 37 degrees, you must immediately cancel the class by contacting Enact Music Administrator and your teacher directly. Your teachers will do the same.

  • Please ensure that your child is wearing a face mask for the duration of the lesson. If your child starts the class without a mask, please be aware that the teacher will offer a new mask to your child and ask them to wear it. If your child has any condition where wearing a mask is inappropriate, please let us know.

You must commit to disinfecting the teaching area in your house before each lesson, as follows:

  • Open the window/s as wide as possible.

  • Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with an alcohol-based sanitiser solution.

  • Put on gloves, a face mask, protective visor, and plastic apron, and using an alcohol-based solution, clean all furniture and surfaces in the room.

  • Also, clean and wipe all door handles, light switches, table surfaces, chairs, computers, Music stands, window handles and any other surfaces that can be touched, hand surfaces, and all your washroom amenities.

  • Instruments used at home must be appropriately cleaned and disinfected before the lesson occurs with an alcohol-based product and kept in a disinfected (in and out) protected case when applicable. Caution must be employed when cleaning instruments, furniture, and appliances to ensure that the materials used do not damage these appliances. Enact Music is not liable for any instrument or appliance damage incurred because of the detergents used or allergic or other physical reactions that these products can cause. Therefore, parents and students need to read the safety instructions for products and ensure they are safe both for human and instrumental use.

  • Ensure the room is set up in such a way that your child's chair is positioned at least one meter away from the teacher's chair.

  • Keep the windows open during lessons as well.

  • After completing the cleaning, rewash your hands with an alcohol-based sanitised for at least 30 seconds.

  • Immediately before the lesson, ask your child/children to wash their hands with an alcohol-based sanitiser for at least 30 seconds, put their mask on, and wait for the teacher.

During the lesson
  • The lessons must start EXACTLY on time. This means neither early nor late as the teacher will have other students to teach after your class. Unfortunately, if your child is late, the lesson will still need to finish at the expected time. Rescheduling will be left to the teacher's discretion, following availability, and will incur payment for the rescheduled lesson. Parents will not receive lesson refunds in such cases as teachers need to be paid for their time.

  • The sharing of musical instruments and materials of any nature between teacher and student (pencils, gadgets, etc.) before, during and after lessons is strictly prohibited. Please ensure your child/children have all materials they need for the class (music books, a pencil, a rubber, and any other material required by the teacher).

  • Social distancing means that teachers cannot touch the musical instruments that the student is playing during the lesson, including for tuning. If instrumental tuning is required, the teacher will demonstrate to the student how to do so, but the student will have to tune their instrument with the teacher's guidance. Specifically for piano or keyboard lessons, teachers may bring their keyboards for demonstrations. In such cases, students should not touch and use the teacher's keyboard.

  • Where teachers do not have a keyboard to bring to lessons and still wish to demonstrate, they must wear appropriate reliable gloves on the student's piano or keyboard. In such a case, the student must stand up and move to a distance of at least a meter from the teacher.

Other considerations
  • The monthly fee for the lessons is paid upfront, and you will be contacted by the Enact Music Administrator (Elisabete Tavares) via text message.

  • Individual lessons can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour as agreed with students, parents/guardians. Payment charges will apply as per Table 1, below, displayed at the end of this page.​

  • To ensure continuity of learning and achievement of the learning aims agreed upon between student and teacher, students are expected to attend all lessons.

  • Students who miss more than three lessons per term may lose their place to students on our waiting list due to the high demand for places.

  • Lessons cancelled by parents within less than 24 hours before the lesson will be fully charged. Enact Music will not offer a lesson replacement. Parents/guardians should contact Enact Music as soon as it is known that the student will not attend their lesson.

  • To let us know that you/your child cannot attend a lesson, you are required to send two text messages as follows:

1. To Enact Music Administrator (Elisabete Tavares: 07504 548135), and

2. To your teacher (mobile contact given to you at your enrolment).

  • It is essential that you timely inform Enact Music Administrator of any lesson cancellations. Failure to do so may result in you being charged for lessons not given if Enact Music is not aware of the cancellation.

  • Any lessons cancelled by a teacher will be re-arranged by that teacher for an alternative date. Enact Music will refund you for that specific lesson if this is not possible.

  • Students are required to give a minimum of 2-week notice upon leaving a course of lessons.

  • Food, drinks or chewing gum is not permitted during lessons.

  • Enact Music will not enter students for examinations, competitions, or festivals without written permission from parents/guardians and without prior payment of the relevant fee.

  • If a student sits a musical exam, parents wishing to contest the exam results must pay the examination board re-assessment fee plus £20 to cover the teacher's time preparing the report and Enact Music related internal administration. If the re-assessment is such that the examination mark is changed for a higher mark, Enact Music will refund parents for the examination board re-assessment fee.

  • Students, parents/guardians will receive regular feedback on learning progress provided by teachers by email, SMS, phone or online meetings.

  • Parents/guardians are also welcome to speak to Enact Music Director (Dr Lilian Simones) about their child's progress by appointment. To arrange an appointment, please get in touch with Enact Music Administrator.

  • These terms and conditions are subject to change. Enact Music Website will publish the latest terms and conditions (www.enactmusic.com).

Terms and Conditions for In-Person Lessons at Students' Houses


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