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Whether you are learning to play the piano, guitar, violin, singing, flute or any other instrument, understanding music theory, technology, and music coding are relevant to taking your musicianship to the next level. Our group lessons on these topics offer opportunities for learning from and with others in practical and experiential learning activities. Students develop collaborative working skills and become well-rounded musicians ready to face the challenges and opportunities in the 21st century. Group lessons can take place at our teaching studio or online. These lessons are subject to at least three students per group.


What Group lessons do we offer? 
  • Music Theory lessons

  • Music Technology lessons

  • Music, Sound and Coding

Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory is an essential aspect of becoming a musician. It helps students understand the music pieces they might be studying and gives them the foundations to improvise and create their music. Students enrolling in these lessons learn the fundamentals of music theory for grades 1 - 8 according to the western classical music tradition and prepare for music theory exams. 


Please note that for students learning a musical instrument or singing and working through the ABRSM grades, a grade 5 theory pass must be completed and achieved before sitting a grade 6 instrumental or vocal exam.

Music Technology Lessons

In an era where technology permeates our lives, music students must make music using technology. In our group lessons, students will become acquainted with several software programs used to edit sound, write music, and compose 

Music, Sound and Coding

This course introduces programming for music and sound using simple accessible software (Sonic Pi = level 1; Pure Data = level 2; Arduino = level 3). By the end of the course the student will have designed and built their own programmable interactive digital music instrument.
The entire course is structured as follows:

  • Level 1, 3 months, introduction to Sonic Pi

  • Level 2, 3 months, introduction to Pure Data

  • Level 3, 3 months, Introduction to Arduino

The course will be delivered in a small group (no more than 4 students per 1hr class) on a
weekly basis, all learning materials and resources will be provided by the facilitator, a highly
experienced and qualified digital musical instrument designer.

How to apply?

To apply and avail from our Free Trial Lesson Package, fill out the application form below.

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions differ depending on the group learning settings (online or lessons at our teaching studio). Please read the terms and conditions below relevant to you before applying by clicking the buttons below.


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